At the right, you will find information related to eligibility requirements for receiving food aid, set forth by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Emergency Food Assistance Program. If your household income falls below the listed thresholds (based on the number of family members), you may be eligible to receive food aid from the Athens County Food Pantry. Please be aware our guidelines permit assistance once every thirty days. You must be a resident of Athens County and provide current proof of residency (within the past 60 days).  This requires presenting proof in two forms: a piece of mail addressed to you at your current address in Athens County-such as a utility bill, and photo identification-such as a driver's license.

To determine your eligibility for food aid and to speak with a person who can put you in touch with additional local aid resources, please call:

The Food Line


If you are in need of after-hours emergency aid,
please contact us directly at: 1-(740) 590-7051.


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